Community Landmark’s future gets public input  

Last month the City of Prineville hosted a two-day design workshop inviting stakeholders and the public to participate in the master planning of the Barnes Butte recreational area. The 460 acres just minutes from downtown Prineville and in the backyard of the IronHorse community, is a unique and inspiring amenity for the city and its residents. And city planners have taken thoughtful care to include the public’s input as they move forward with the master plan.

The most common requested amenity is improved trails for walking, hiking and biking. Accessibility to accommodate all guests is also an important request.

Nearby Barnes Butte elementary school students have been deputized as “junior planners” and have been an integral part of the discussions. Educators at the school have already begun using the property in school curriculum and anticipate using it more in the future, given its convenient proximity for outdoor learning.

The city will be taking all public input into consideration as it goes through the master plan process in the following months.